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Our strategy


Academic excellence

Bay Primary has created a happy and nurturing academic environment where every child is encouraged to live up to their full potential. By investing in outstanding educators, Bay aims to produce highly capable children for a diverse and technological world.

Happy and Committed staff is fundamental to the success of the school. We will continue investing in the overall quality of our academic curriculum by:

  • responding to our teachers’ professional needs and supporting their careers
  • ensuring teachers have all the facilities and tools they need to perform at their best
  • attracting the best teachers to the school, and making sure we keep them. Bay Primary is proud of its low staff turnover.

Child-centred development

Bay Primary believes that learning doesn’t end with a teacher in a classroom. As a community school, Bay takes a holistic and less formal view of childhood development. The school has begun to integrate early childhood development into its mainstream academic curriculum, which includes:

  • an early childhood education programme to prepare children for entering the formal schooling system
  • support and remedial education for children experiencing learning difficulties.
  • after-care that supports working parents by offering structured and extramural activities

This programme seeks to develop its physical infrastructure and draw on experienced parents and teachers to strengthen this aspect of the Bay experience.

Creative multiculturalism

Bay Primary has a varied and exciting creative programme. We aim to continue to position the school as a creative centre of excellence providing a springboard for learners to explore a wide range of arts, cultures, music and other creative activities. We are well-placed to take advantage of the rich history, culture and heritage of the south peninsula, and have access to many cultural facilities, performing artists and writers in the area.

Sporting & Outdoor Activities

Bay Primary is known for its Bay Runners club, a cross country running club with runners from Grade 1 to 7.  Bay offers Cricket, Netball, Tennis, Hockey, Soccer, Athletics, Neighbourhood farm and Eco warriors.  Our astro-turf field at the Senior Primary Campus (SPC) provides a functional surface for it’s sports matches with schools in the southern suburbs.